Myself? Stubborn As Hell.

“When I was a kid, I talked really fast, a lot and randomly because too much was going out in my head and I had to vent. Now, I keep silent most of the times. Because too much is going in my head and I don’t want to scare people with my thoughts. Society’s acceptance costs a lot. It changes oneself. And those who refuse to adjust, they’d be rejected. The freaking unwanted. My body is as fragile as a paper boat on a water. But my mind is bullet proof. I tell ya. A word for that: stubborn”

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” Seseorang semestinya memutuskan bersama orang lain karena menemukan keutuhannya tercermin, bukan ketakutannya akan sepi ”

~Rectoverso by  Dee ~

Seperti Kamu

Seperti kamu,
Saya juga punya hati.
Seperti kamu,
Hati saya berkali-kali terluka, kemudian sembuh, meninggalkan luka, dan terluka lagi. (lingkaran setan!)
Seperti kamu,
Saat ini saya mati-matian menjaga hati saya yang penuh luka.
Seperti kamu,
Saya tidak mau terluka lagi.
Seperti kamu,
Saya hanya ingin bahagia.

Tapi saya tidak pernah begitu kejam, merenggut hatimu yang penuh luka, meremasnya hingga remuk, kemudian melemparnya begitu saja. Dan setelahnya, memasang wajah tak berdosa dan teraniaya di hadapan dunia. Kemudian bersama mereka yang penilaiannya dangkal (sedangkal pikiran cupat mereka), tertawa terbahak-bahak! Puas dengan setiap tetesan darah dari luka hati saya.
Saya cinta kamu, mana saya tega???

Tidak seperti kamu…

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The Ten

The most selfish 1 letter word, ” I “. Avoid it.

The most satisfying 2 letter word, “We”. Use it.

The most poisonous 3 letter word, “Ego”. Overcome it.

The most used 4 letter word, “Love”. Value it.

The most pleasing 5 letter word, “Smile”. Keep it.

The fastest spreading 6 letter word, “Rumour”. Ignore it.

The hardest working 7 letter word, “Success”. Achieve it.

The most enviable 8 letter word, “Jealousy”. Distance yourself from it.

The most powerful 9 letter word, “Knowledge”. Acquire it.

The most valued 10 letter word, “Friendship”. Maintain it.

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Dear, Liar…

Don’t too hesitate, Liar..
You can still twist the facts, as much as you please.
Tell her.
Tell him.
Tell everyone.
I don’t give a damn care.
Because the most important thing is…
Now I know, who you really are.
And that’s enough.
More than enough.

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“Honey bee… I know what you said to me and I don’t care at the same time. And what do you stay to do? I saw the worst of you…”

                        Special – MEW

The Whisper

I know all this will come…

Not my intention to confuse,

I have mapped out all contradictions of my heart.

Then, you came…

A situation I tried to diffuse

Clouds were forming

Some things come as warning, hear their voice…





And suddenly, I’m going numb.

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